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The Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission (SEWFRC) was established in 1997 by Wisconsin Act 27 (1997 - 1999 Budget Bill) in response to citizen and community concerns over water resource problems in the Fox River system. Under the 1997 Wisconsin Act 27, the SEWFRC was given the authority to carry out a number of programs and measures designed to improve water resource conditions in the Fox River system within the identified planning area.

The area of jurisdiction for the SEWFRC consists of the tributary drainage area to the 36.5-mile-long reach of the Fox River between the Village of Waterford dam in Racine County and the northern limits of the City of Waukesha north of Moreland Boulevard. The tributary drainage area for the implementation planning area ranges from approximately 119 square miles at the upper end of the planning area to approximately 312 square miles at I-43 and to about 364 square miles at the Waterford dam.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was charged with developing an Implementation Plan on behalf of the SEWFRC in 1997. The plan was adopted in March 1998, updated in September 2011 and still serves as a dynamic guide in assisting the Commission to conduct its work.


The Commission has supported numerous projects within the planning area and has contributed approximately $1.25 million to projects that help improve the Illinois Fox River basin.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission does the following:
  • Initiate and coordinate surveys and research projects to gather data relating to the surface waters and groundwaters of the Illinois Fox River basin

  • Maintain a liaison with Federal, State, and local agencies and other organizations involved in protecting, rehabilitating, and managing water resources

  • Develop a public informational and educational program on issues related to the surface waters and groundwaters of the Illinois Fox River basin

  • Develop and implement plans or projects to:
    - Improve water quality and the scenic, economic and environmental value of the surface waters and groundwaters of the Illinois Fox River basin
    - Protect or enhance the recreational use of the navigable waters of the Illinois Fox River basin; and
    - Coordinate and integrate county programs or projects for the Illinois Fox River basin surface waters and groundwaters of Waukesha and Racine Counties

  • Develop and propose programs or projects to make improvements to the navigable waters of the Illinois Fox River basin

  • Create advisory committees as it considers necessary and

  • Promulgate rules necessary to implement the duties and powers granted to the Board of Commissioners


SEWFRC Senate Bill Testifying

The SEWFRC proposed expansion required a legislative change and in January, Jim Pindel (SEWFRC) and Tom Slawski (SEWRPC) testified along with Mary Lazich in favor of Senate Bill 548.

SEWFRC Bill Signing

After two plus years of hard work, the Commission had it's jurisdiction officially expanded south to the Illinois border. On Tuesday March 1, 2016, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 548 into law. Thank you to State Senator Mary Lazich and her staff for their exceptional efforts.

Pictured are Tom Slawski (SEWRPC), Shelley Tessmer (SEWFRC), Sarah Tyler (Fox River CAUSE) and Al Sikora (SEWFRC).

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